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Ingersoll Rand Xe-145F Series Controller for Centrifugal Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand Xe-145F Series Controller for Centrifugal Air Compressor


Ingersoll Rand Xe-145F Series Controller for Centrifugal Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand XE-145M Centrifugal Controller
Ingersoll Rand XE-145M Controller


Achieving best-in-class effi ciency is very important at Ingersoll Rand. Xe-145F Series controls utilise the latest control algorithms to provide the lowest energy consumption in every situation. Built-in control logic ensures system reliability by precisely managing discharge pressure, while maximising throttle range. The controller features useful timers, compressor information and alerts that indicate when maintenance is necessary to help optimise care of your investment.


  • Constant pressure control – Dynamically maintains precise discharge pressure throughout the full range of operating capacity (100% to 0%). Constant pressure control is used to minimise process pressure variations with rapid reaction to sudden demand variations.
  • Auto-dual control – Uses inlet modulation to maintain constant system pressure over the compressor’s full turndown range. When the load drops below the turndown range, the controller automatically transitions to load/unload mode. Programmable auto-dual control optimises operating efficiency when process demand varies widely over time.
  • Energy Smart Set Point™ (ESS) – Adjusts a compressor’s pressure set point internally to balance and share load between multiple compressors in the same system. ESS reduces the amount of bypassed air, which saves energy.


  • Ambient Control software – Maximises a compressor’s operating throttle range, increasing usable turndown and substantially reducing or eliminating wasteful compressed air bypass in changing ambient conditions.
  • Integrated Multi-Machine Control (IMMC) – Automatically sequences and assigns pressure schedules to multiple compressors to minimise the number of compressors operating at any given time and achieve optimum efficiency.
  • Air System Controller (ASC) – Manages an unlimited number of compressors as well as auxiliary equipment such as dryers, fans and pumps. This advanced software provides precise control plus reporting, email notifications, advanced scheduling based on system conditions and a comprehensive information dashboard delivered to a computer screen.